Slow to Fast pace living


Day 44 Stewart island

Today I want to do a few walks around the island before catching my ferry back to Bluff later in the afternoon. I get a good sleep in this morning , compared to the usual early starts. I head down stairs for breakfast, before packing up my stuff and checking out. A couple of the locals suggested to do the Horse shoe point track around to Horse shoe bay, recommended 3-4 hour walk return form town. So I set off on this bright and sunny day, up the hill out of town and down to the start of the track.


The track follows the coast most of the way around. Passing a couple of nice golden beaches on the way, I get to the start of the track. Looking around, what looked like a baby possum sitting in a tree at first glance, was a massive rat, no wonder the native bird numbers are declining in some areas. I know they are trying to catch them but with 85% of the massive island is national park and native bush, it’s going to be a massive task to get rid of all the pests and rodents. But it was the only one I saw. Getting followed by fantails I carried around the coast, through the lush forest and across Dead Man’s beach, I get to Horseshoe Point look out. Nice views up the coast line and into Horseshoe Bay. The return stretch is back along the road into town. I spot a sea lion playing in the shallow waters on the beach just before Oban and stop to take a few pictures.


Afternoon Office


After getting back into town I decide to take a short walk around the other side of Half moon bay, but not getting to far around before deciding I had done enough walking for one day, and it didn’t look like too much was around the point. I head back to the beach outside the hotel and set up my office on the picnic table to write up yesterday’s dairy, while waiting for my ferry to arrive. Now mid-afternoon it time to collect my fish I caught yesterday and head over to the ferry terminal.


We all check-in and board the vessel. With the nice and calm weather today we are lucky and get a flat ride back over to bluff. Once there I pick up the trusty Van and we head down to one of New Zealand’s famous sign posts. The Buff sign post, many think is the southern-most point of the island but sorry to burst your bubble, its actually further east around the coast at Slope point. Anyway, I still had to get the picture. After this little photo opportunity, I head back up to Invercargill to the Amble on Inn camp ground I slayed at a few days ago, and called it a day.



Day 45 Invercargill

Today is pouring with rain so I’m taking it as a rest day, trying to catch up on some sleep and blog entry’s. After lunch I have to go into town to stock up the cupboards so I stop in at the Hammer Hardware store on the way. Not because I need to buy a few things but because it’s also home to some of New Zealand’s motorcycling history. Its home to the World’s Fastest Indian, Burt Munro played around a sculptured the Indian motorcycle in his home shed just outside of Invercargill. He turned it into a record breaker, he managed to break many New Zealand speed records and even took his bike across to Bonneville Salt lakes a few times to set a record that still stands today, Average speed of 183.6mph (295kph) on the flying one mile in August 1967. Sir Anthony Hopkins Plays Burt Munro in the 2005 movie ‘The World’s fastest Indian’ about the life of Burt and his quest to see how fast he could get his bike to go.


Its kind I weird walking into a hardware store and finding not only Burt Munro’s #35 bikes but many other vintage and collectable vehicles placed around the shop.  Another nice collection to go with a few other’s in the area including the Transport World I went to a few days ago. After getting my motoring fix for the day I head to the supermarket and stock up the van before, heading back to camp and chillaxing for the rest of the day. Weather is looking better for the week ahead so I’m going to head down and around to the east tomorrow.


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