Crossing the Straight



Day 19  Wellington – Picton

Big day today, we are saying goodbye to the North and hello to the South. Up early for a 7am check in for the 8am ferry from Wellington to Picton. I leave the Te Papa carpark and head 2 mins up the road to the ferry terminal and check in. After an hour, we finally drive on to the ferry and set sail. Glorious day in Wellington, blue skies and no breeze, very unusual for Wellington as it is known as windy Wellington. Before long we had turned around the headland, across Cook Straight and sail towards the beautiful South, sailing through thick fog half way across but clearing as we see land.


As we turn into the Marlborough sounds, everyone one is out on deck, clicking away, taking as many photos as they can. This place is stunning, turquoise water, yellow cliffs and beaches, with the green colours of the bush covered hills. Everyone is so excited to explore this place. We finally dock around lunch time and drive off the ship, into the town of Picton. Nice little town, much smaller than what I thought it was going to be but has everything you need.


I park up and take a stroll along the water front, very picturesque with a few palm trees, colourful gardens and looking out to the sounds. I come across an museum and head inside. It’s all about the Edwin Fox, the oldest merchant ship in the world. I go on upstairs to find a whole lot of the ships pieces on display and a video showing the history behind the ship. It was used to transport goods all over the world, even convicts to Australia before been used as a cool store for storing meat in it later years. Today it doesn’t look anything like it did in 1853, but they are trying to preserve what is left of it. Great story behind it.


After this I head to my camp for the night, I ended up at the Parklands Marina Holiday Park in Picton. Not bad place but seems like most of the other campervans had the same idea. After a small walk around the area it was time for bed. I have booked a few activities for tomorrow that should be awesome if the weather holds up.





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