Fine teas to Great lake


Day 10 Napier to Taupo

The sun is shining again for the last day of the Art Deco week, so I was up early. First off was a Visit to see our long-time family friends Pam and Croydon, they were doing their own little road trip with their Caravan. After a nice catch up and a tour around there Caravan it was time to head back to where I was staying a start packing up, ready to head to Taupo.


Before I left though there was still a few activities going on in town, so after saying my good byes to Aunty Yvonne and Shane I head down for a look. The place was packed people and cars everywhere. It was time for the Gatsby Picnic, this is where everyone comes to the Beach domain on Marine Parade and has a picnic, but not just any picnic. They all dress up, as they have done for the last four days of the festival, bring their finest tea settings and have it all set out for judging at 1:30. I was amazed at how much detail some of these people went to, Setting up next to their vintage cars with small tables full of home baking, sipping tea out of there antique tea cups, the ladies with their old Parasols and fur Shawls, the guys with their bow ties and pipes. Was great to walk around and see them all.


After spending a good few hours walking around it was time to head to Taupo. After navigating through all the traffic trying to get home I made it on to state highway 5, known as the Napier Taupo road for obvious reasons 😊. The road was free running until about half an hour from Taupo when the skies opened and the rain came down, it was so heavy that all I could see was water and the tail lights of the car in front. After a min or two of trying to see where we were going, the line of traffic just pulled over to the side of the road and waited for it to pass. This is the worst rain storm I’ve ever driven in. after a few more minutes it was starting to ease off so we carried on Taupo.


On the way into town was my camping ground for the next few nights. The Taupo Debretts Spa Resort. Very nice place and has everything you would want, camp sites from $18 a night to the superior Lodge for $260 a night and lots of different options in-between. Very nice clean facility’s, Thermal hot pools and hydro slides for a nice soak at the end of the day or treat yourself in the day spa.

After checking in and finding my big camp site I head into town to find some dinner, but not before doing something I must do every time I’m in Taupo, try and get a hole in one. Taupo township is on the shores of New Zealand’s largest lake and is situated in the middle of the north island. One of the attractions is to try and hit a golf ball or 20 on to a floating platform roughly 100m of the shore. It has three holes set up on, two of the holes are of larger size with sand in them, get a ball in them and you can win a bunch of prizes, then there is one hole is the same size as a normal golf hole, if you get it in there $10,000 is yours. They say they average a hole in one every two weeks. Someone must have won it in the last two weeks as none of my golf balls found the holes :(.

Time for a quick bite to eat before heading back to camp for the night. Tomorrow I’m hoping the weather plays game and turns the sun on so I can head out to the Taupo race track and have a play in some open wheelers.


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