Art Deco – Napier


Days 8-9 Napier

Day 8 and 9 were supposed to be in Taupo having some adventures, but because of the bad weather over much of the North Island, everything I had planned and booked got cancelled or postponed. Bit unfortunate but this meant I could stay in Napier for a few more days and enjoy the rest of the Art Deco Festival.

The Rain was still falling but it didn’t stop Aunty Yvonne and myself heading into town for a bit of a look around. After finally finding a carpark, we headed up towards Marine Parade, were a lot of the activities seem to be happening. There were people all dressed up, vintage cars everywhere, everything was getting transformed for the festival to how it was in the 1930s, when the city was getting rebuilt after the massive earth quake. Most of the Vintage cars are in immaculate and in show condition, and there was everything from the two toned 1931 Studebaker to the functioning steam roller, from the yellow Austin 7 through to a 41 Cadillac and everything in-between. Was a very awesome site to see.


1931 Studebaker

After the quick walk, around we head into the city centre, time for lunch. This is when I find out that everything is postponed or cancelled in Taupo and I decide to stay a few more days. This means I need an outfit, can’t be the only one not dressed up. We headed off through a few shops, then finally gathered together a few items to make up an outfit.


I Leave Aunty Yvonne in town with a friend and I decide to head off down to Cape Kidnappers, 20km’s around the coast from Napier. The weather had really packed in by the time I had got there so there wasn’t too much to see or do. The headland is known for its Luxury Lodge and the Cape Kidnappers golf club, was ranked in the world’s top 50 golf courses. Another popular thing to do is take a Safari tour out to see over 3000 breeding pairs of Australasian Gannets, apparently is quite a site and you can get quite close to them.

Now getting a bit late in the afternoon, I head back for dinner and get ready for the evening events. After dinner, we all get dressed up in our 1930’s attire and plan to head to a friend’s house for a few wines before a night out in town. Lucky for us the rain had stopped as we got into town and the streets came alive. Was fantastic site to see everyone dressed up and before long we were dancing (well I was trying to and been taught) to the live 1930 music been played at the outdoor theatre. The night was a good laugh that finished sometime in the early hours.


Day 9 was a bit of a recovery day, although I didn’t feel too bad, we still didn’t get up until mid-morning. The rain had set in again, but there were still a few things going on in town and one of them that I was quite interested to see was the vintage car parade, hundreds of vintage cars, all kinds of shapes and models cruising around town before parking back up on marine parade. Was great to see things like the Model T, Indian Motor bikes and the well-presented Chevrolet transporter all lined for everyone to see. There were also classic car rides for a small fee, or a tour behind the big steam roller for anyone interested.


As the afternoon rolled on and the energy levels fell we headed back home for a bit of a rest before we head back out into town later. Aunty Yvonne And Shane had brought tickets for the Prohibition party, just one of the many events put on for the weekend, but unfortunately for me tickets had sold out well before the weekend. After a couple of glasses of wine we head into town where we split up and they head off to their party. Because of the bad weather many of the night’s activities had been cancelled so did a quick walk around to find most of the bars so packed full of people getting out of the rain, that they had stopped letting people, after a couple of drinks at a small bar just out of the city centre I decided to get out of the rain and head back home for an earlyish night as tomorrow I head to Taupo.


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