Slip and slide – Gisborne


Rere Falls

Day 5 – Gisborne – Rere Rock slide    

This morning is going to be the same as where I left off yesterday, spent with family. This time it will be with my Grandmother, now in a nursing home and over a year since I was last able to see her, it was really nice to chat and catch up with her.

After a bit of lunch and driving around town for a bit I decided to head down to one of the local golf courses for a hit around. The Gisborne park golf club is small and quite flat course with some large pine trees lining each fairway. First time in a while since I had a hit around but to my surprise, in the sweltering heat and wind, I still managed to be even after 9 holes, 2 birdies and 2 bogeys.


Next up, the plan was to head out to Rere Falls but on the way I had to check out Eastwoodhill Arboretum. Not having a clue what an Arboretum was, I went into the reception and the kind lady behind the counter explaned what it was and what the park was all about. Its basically a botanical garden devoted to trees, and at this 131-hectare park, there is said to be over 3500 different trees and shrubs from around the globe. Started back in 1910 by Mr Douglas Cook, he set out to model the land on parks he had seen in the UK. He eventually planted over 5000 different types of trees from around the world as well as local natives. The biggest collection of northern hemisphere trees in the southern hemisphere. The park has 6 different walks, ranging from 45mins to 3hours, with a few heading up to the top of the hill to get a great view of the surrounding mountain rangers. There is also a great playground for the kids and nice areas to go and relax in. $15pp entry.


Rere Rock slide

Back on the road and just 10mins down the road is the Rere rockslides. One of the must things to do in the area. Down the Wharekopae river are some very cool natural rock slides. 60m of rock that’s been smoothed out over the years from water running over it. I meet up with my cousin Kirsty, Steven and the kids a Callum and Kyla. The kids were straight into it, slipping and sliding there way over to the top of the slide, then jumped on their boogie boards and off they went, speeding down the slippery slope before hitting the water at the bottom and skimming across the water, showing some of the Tourist how it’s done. After a few exhilarating slides and a couple races against kids, it was time to head to the next spot.


Champagne pools

A few minutes further up the road is the Champagne pools. These aren’t sign posted so are quite hard to find but just off the road is some great little swimming holes, quite deep and with one of the smaller ones having a cascade of water flowing over the side like a little waterfall, it created lots of small bubbles which we assume is how it got its name. We have a quick dip and the kids play on the small slides then it’s time to head back home. On the way, I stop off at Rere Falls, very nice little spot for a picnic and a look at some great falls. At only 5m they aren’t the tallest of waterfall but being 20m wide it makes for a good site. There wasn’t must water going over it today because of the extremely dry condition around the area at the moment but worth the stop.

Time to head back to Gisborne, and get some rest, ready for tomorrows adventures but not before getting greeted by a roast meal prepared by Uncle Keith. Great way to end another day tripping around.


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